Friday, October 8, 2010

The Rocks Markets Cheese Showcase

There is so much on this weekend! If you are not heading out of town to the McGuigan Seasonal Market in the Hunter Valley don’t miss The Rocks Markets Cheese Showcase – on Sunday 10 October from 10am until 5pm in Jack Mundey Place.

In association with The Australian Specialist Cheesemakers’ Association, the Rocks will come alive with market stalls featuring a rich array of boutique cheeses (see list below) and wines from Yering Station and Cumulus. When you are there don’t forget to pick up my cheese and wine matching recommendations. Here is the list of beautiful cheeses you can taste and buy on Sunday:

Milawa Cheese Company
Camembert: velvety, white mould made in the Normandy style with a mushroomy aroma and a mild salty flavour and, when ripe, a creamy golden interior
Brie: soft, luscious white mould cheese. When matured develops a rich milky melting taste with a buttery flowing centre
King River Gold: a speciality washed rind yet subtle cheese
Gold: a European style cheese inspired by such famous classics as Port Salut and pont L’Eveque. This piquant, ambrosial cheese has a distinct gold to red rind
Blue: soft blue cheese with a mild flavour enhanced by the restrained growth of delicate green/white mould
Chèvre: a fresh, sharp acidic cheese with a subtle goat flavour
Native Pepper Chèvre: a light dusting of crushed native leaves and berries with a uniquely Australian mild pepper/eucalypt bite
Goat’s Camembert: this fast ripening cheese with more complex, earthy flavours than normal Camembert
Ceridwen (ker-id-wen): fresh chèvre with vine ash and white mould, typical of Loire Valley styles
Capricornia: hard goats cheese with a mild nutty bite when aged

Shaw River Buffalo Cheese
Buffalino: white with a smooth creamy texture and tangy fruit taste
Smoked Buffalino: a light smoking turns this cheese a golden caramel colour with a soft creamy texture that melts in the mouth
Annie Baxter: semi hard cooked cheese with a smooth and aromatic palate that is creamy white in colour with a light natural rind

Small Cow Farm
Camembert: a mild creamy camembert with a buttery interior
Fetta: fresh cows curd textured cheese
Marinated Fetta: fresh cows curd textured cheese marinated in garlic, herbs and olive oil
Blue: strong bitey blue in a stilton style, piquant and robust

Yarra Valley Dairy
Persian Fetta: first created 15 years ago this cheese is soft and creamy and marinated in an extra-virgin olive oil blend with thyme and garlic
Juno: soft fresh goats' cheese marinated with juniper berries, green olive, rosemary, red capsicum and garlic
Cardi: soft fresh goats' milk cheese marinated with cardamom pods, shallots, coriander and black pepper
Saffy: creamy fresh cows' milk cheese marinated with saffron, lemon zest, cumin seeds and garlic
Black Savourine: semi-mature goats’ milk cheese made in the shape of a pyramid and coated with vine ash with a full, rich flavour of roasted nuts, citrus and cooked cream
Geo George: handcrafted goat cheese with unique complexity and depth made in the traditional French soft curd style using lactic acid fermentation with a creamy full bodied interior with a citrussy tang and nutty overtones

Capra Cheese
Fresco Fromage Blanc/Fromage Frais: soft, fresh goat's milk curd that is both light and creamy as well as deliciously moist and fluffy, and exhibits floral overtones with a refreshing acidity
Allegro Chèvre: firm, fresh goat's cheese with a dense and sensuous texture and a slight citrus tang and delicately clean finish
Mountain Ash: traditional French-style pyramid with a delicate sweetness is balanced by gentle acidity
Cameo: mature ashed & white mould cheese that is aromatic, intense and slightly sweet, with a lingering mouthfeel, hint of blue tones and a creamy texture.
Velvet: signature French-barrel style mature white mould cheese which, when young, is nutty with a mushroomy aroma and subtle suggestions of truffle and as it ages, develops a sweet, full-bodied richness.
Serenade: mature heart-shaped cheese with a velvety, white mould rind and an ash layer running through the centre that is smooth and rich, with complex cheddar and blue overtones and a heady hint of spiciness when fully mature.

And the wines:

Yering Station
2006 Yarrabank Cuvee
2008 Yering Station Chardonnay
2010 Yering Station ED Pinot Noir Rose
2008 Yering Station Pinot Noir
2007 Yering Station Shiraz Viognier
2008 Yering Station Cabernet Sauvignon
2008 Yering Station Late Harvest Riesling

2010 Rolling Moscato
2009 Rolling Sparkling Pinot Grigio Chardonnay
2009 Climbing Sauvignon Blanc
2009 Climbing Pinot Gris
2008 Climbing Chardonnay
2009 Rolling Pink
2008 Climbing Merlot
2008 Rolling Shiraz
2007 Cumulus Shiraz
2008 Climbing Cabernet Sauvignon
2008 Five Friends Cabernet Shiraz

About the Australian Specialist Cheesemakers' Association
ASCA is the peak body representing the Australian specialist cheese industry. Its role is to promote and accelerate excellence and bring together the best available knowledge and expertise to stimulate dialogue and provide continuing education, operational guidance, recognition and professional growth and development for its members.

There will also be two different cheese tasting plates on sale. Talented presenter Blair Milan is hosting interviews with cheese and wine producers between 11am and 4pm.


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