Wednesday, December 1, 2010

High five for Plumm Glassware

Have you heard of Plumm Glassware? Maybe not. Have you heard of Riedel Glassware? Probably. A great product with a great philosophy – the taste of wine changes depending on where it is delivered into the mouth, so different wines taste better with different glasses. Most wine shows like the Sydney Royal, judge using Riedel glasses finding they show up the qualities and faults in wine in a more superior way to XL5 tasting glasses. However, there are now a dizzying array of different glasses – which can be a bit confusing for the wine lover at home.

For over fifteen years some of the Plumm team worked for Riedel in Australia. However, Riedel have established an independent presence here now, so this team came up with Plumm and have launched their own range. Talk about learning from the master.

Plumm undertook extensive research with wine aficionados and wine makers around the globe. What they came up with is surprisingly simple. The Australian designed Plumm Glassware found they need only offer five glass shapes:
Simply called, left to right:

REDa – suitable for big reds – shiraz and cabernet
REDb – suitable for medium reds – pinot and merlot
WHITEa – suitable for crisp, fresh whites – sauvignon blanc and gewürztraminer
WHITEb – suitable medium whites – chardonnay, pinot gris/grigio
Sparkling – duh

Simple! And easy to recognise in the glass cabinet.

As well as being not new to glassware, Plumm are not new to the wine industry. They have interests in vineyards, wineries, distribution and wine retailing. Utilising these credentials, Plumm have designed a stylish range of glassware that works well over innumerable wine styles.

The Plumm ‘5’ are available in four different ranges:
Handmade Vintage (hand blown) – for special occasions
Vintage (machine made) – for every day
Glass (stemless) – great for cocktails and beer as well as desserts
Outdoors (unbreakable polycarbonate) – they look like the real thing

I know they will be on every well-dressed table this holiday season!

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