Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Quick Chicken Comfort Soup with Asian Flavours in 12 minutes

One of the things which gets me going is people saying “do you really cook a meal when you are home on your own?”. My response is “I deserve it. Why eat rubbish just because you are on your own?” I love good food and I love cooking and sometimes we don’t always have time for long leisurely sessions in the kitchen. It is also a worry that too many people don’t give themselves this respect when they are on their own, especially as they get older, when good nutrition is still important. Sure, shopping is often the issue but I have some simple, nurturing, nourishing ideas which can be made largely with things on hand. This “soup” is one of my favourites.

I love Asian flavours and the simplicity of a one-pot meal put together from pantry staples, a free-range chicken breast pulled out of the freezer and a few fresh ingredients. I vary it according to what I have to hand.

If you don’t fancy chicken, a firm white fish fillet would be an ideal substitute or go totally vegetarian with a few slices of firm tofu splashed with kecap manis.

Also, snow peas, beans or other chinese greens such as gai lan, pak choy or wombok would be great as an addition to or alternatives for the carrots, mushroom and bok choy.

Here is a link to the recipe on my main site.

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