Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spaghetti alla carbonara brings home the Australian bacon

Initiated by pork industry body, Australian Pork Limited from 15 to 21 March we celebrated Australian Bacon Week, another good reason to ensure we buy pork products endorsed by the pink square PorkMark – indicating 100% home grown and manufactured bacon.

Be aware that pork products labelled ‘made in Australia’ may be processed in Australia, but not actually grown in Australia. According to APL, 70% of pork product sales are from imported meat. For guaranteed authenticity, look out for the 121 Australian butchers and smallgoods manufacturers licensed to display the pink square PorkMark.

One of my favourite ways of enjoying Australia bacon is a simple spaghetti alla carbonara. There are many interpretations of this famous dish but classically it is made by tossing very hot pasta in raw eggs that form the sauce.

Click here to go to the recipe on my main website.

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