Friday, January 29, 2010

Life is peachy

Have you tried Summer Flame peaches?  They are just coming into season right now –look out for them at your local fruit & veg.  I had one, err two, the other day from a colleague of mine who grows them, but you can also get them from  Mossmont Nurseries at Griffith.

A bit of background: the variety was introduced to commercial growers in 2006 by Burchell’s Nurseries in California and due to colour, flavour and firmness have become a favourite in Australia

Look at the blushing globes
(image courtesy Mossmont Nurseries)

The Summer Flame is totally luscious. The large rose hued globe houses the most beautiful golden flesh that has a sweet yet mildly acidic flavour.

I ate them as is (yes, there was juice dripping down my chin) but will try them poached as well, maybe with yoghurt and muesli for breakfast or simply with vanilla gelato for a quick and easy dessert.  I think I might also serve them sliced with torn mint leaves in my next Pimms.

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